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Featured Author

Lindsey Rogers-Seitz
The Gift of Ben

On a hot, New England summer day in 2014, tragedy befell author, Lindsey Rogers-Seitz and her family when her husband inadvertently left their fifteen-month-old son, Benjamin, in the back seat of their car all day, where he passed away from the heat.

With raw emotion and grit, Lindsey chronicles the aftermath of her son's death in this debut memoir as she and her husband explore the intricacies of unimaginable pain, love, and the challenges of forgiveness on the other side of broken. We learn of their gruelling journey navigating the legal system and battles with child protective services, through which Lindsey was profiled and discriminated against due to her history with mental illness.  

After years of reflection and healing, Lindsey finds her path to self-acceptance, as the love she found in her son's life gives her the power to, in turn, love herself. That is the love of a son for his mother-the gift of Ben.

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